Euclid Public Schools Alumni Association


EPSAA is committed to maintaining the history of euclid schools,

including a collection of memorabilia


Yearbooks And other Printed materials

EPSAA has an extensive collection of EHS yearbooks and other printed materials, including copies of The Survey, literary magazines, a selection of yearbooks from other Euclid schools, programs, and more.

All EHS yearbooks can be viewed online through Euclid Public Library’s website. We also have a number of extra copies of yearbooks for sale ($25 for yearbooks 10 years old or more, $50 for yearbooks less than 10 years old).


EPSAA’s collection of historical Euclid Schools artifacts includes clothing items, trophies, photographs and news clippings, and more. We are happy to accept donations of memorabilia and provide items from our collection for events.

Euclid High School Construction

EPSAA is working closely with the Euclid Schools Administration during construction to ensure we keep alumni informed of the changes and are able to maintain Euclid High School’s rich history.

So far, we have preserved the panther mosaic from the E-Room and were able to give alumni the opportunity to purchase bricks from the E-Room structure. We are also working to plan events that will give alumni the opportunity to get into the building before it is demolished in 2020.

EPSAA is also working with the schools to offer brick pavers that will be engraved and placed outside the entrance to the new stadium.

Memorabilia Requests

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