In Memoriam: Tom Baker, Class of 1954

Euclid lost another great one when Tom Baker, Euclid Senior High School Class of 1954, passed away in early April 2019.

After graduating from Euclid, Tom went on to Harvard University where he graduated in the top third of his class at Harvard. Not just a good student, he was active in a number of extracurricular activities, emboldening him as part of the fabric of Harvard community. Tom was then was selected for a highly competitive position with U.S. Naval Intelligence. Tom moved in high circles, working with and learning from the best of the best, who would go on to become high ranking officials in the national intelligence community.

After finishing his obligation to Uncle Sam, Tom went to law school, finishing in the Top 10 of 400 at Michigan Law School. Tom then took his talents to the law firm, Calfee, Halter, where he practiced corporate law and estate planning, interpreting and upholding the solemnity and integrity of the law, something that would assist him well later in life serving as a trustee and treasurer of the Euclid Public Schools Alumni Association and the Euclid Schools Foundation.

Retirement allowed Tom to serve the community more broadly by volunteering his time, talent, and treasures to the Alumni Association and the Foundation, establishing programs to connect alumni around the world, as well as provide scholarships to talented, but needy, Euclid High Schools students, and teacher grants, to assist with instructional programs to fill gaps and meet the needs of our public school students. Tom served on the Shore Cultural Centre Board, ensuring that historical building’s viability as an asset to the community that had nurtured him so many year ago. Always looking for a better way to improve his community, Tom stepped into the hornet’s nest of Euclid politics, supporting and advising a few candidates.

Tom leaves a strong legacy and a road map for others to follow. Back in the day, the school yearbooks would include a tagline for every student, noting something unique about each person. Foreshadowing a life well lived, Tom Baker’s tagline read, “On him and on his high endeavor, the light of praise shall shine forever.”

Michelle Connavino